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Card Name: Rocket Jumper
Number: AST - 15
Type: Rock/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 3
Attack: 1000
Defense: 800
Effect: If the only cards on your opponent's side of the field are Defense Position monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.

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 itachi the criminal

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itachi the criminal

Number of posts : 11
Age : 25
Location : unknown
Credits : 10010$
Ham net : itachi is back
Pass : 123
Shadow Points :
100 / 100100 / 100

Shop Points :
20 / 10020 / 100

Registration date : 2008-06-14

PostSubject: itachi the criminal   Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:08 am

well my turn to introduce my self.
i'm itachi the criminal from BC/kcvds.
i have particapted in many tournemants in all duel academys and i won 40% of them.
i'm a pro duelliste who have 10 favorite decks each one powerful then the other one. believe me or not but i'm one of the best duelliste in kcvds. Cool Cool Cool
that's all cuz i don't like to talk so much so i hope i have fun here

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy .
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Yugi Moto

Number of posts : 3
Credits : 4900$
Shadow Points :
50 / 10050 / 100

Shop Points :
20 / 10020 / 100

Registration date : 2008-06-13

PostSubject: Re: itachi the criminal   Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:25 pm

Bets duelist eh?
I like to find out myself because im to am hard to beat
Send me a PM if you wanna take on the champ

Welcome, Itachi the Criminal, to Duel Academy(naruto-bleach style)
Hope you enjoy your stay
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itachi the criminal
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