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Academy News

If you need help, or you aren't sure about something. Don't be affraid and ask us in our offices. Also you can duel the administrators here, to test your deck, or for $.


Tip: see first who iss online and post in their office, that's the fastes way to get an awnser on your question.

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Obelisk Top 5



1. xenmo                  2700$

2. Xephon                  2200$

3. Haydar                 2005$

3. dbzforce               2000$
3. regis                      2000$

Tournaments and Field Tests


Winner of the premiere duels is alensabic.


There is a new tourny going to start

And the  field test is the 29 of this month.

click the link for more informotion.


More Tournaments and Field Tests will also be announced here in the future.

How to LvL up

ok,now your all probly saying "how do i get to the next level?". well,i am going to use a system of is how it will go.

slifers need 1000 points to get to ra yellow.
ra's need 2000 to get to obelisk.
obelisks need 3000 to get to white dorm.
After that you need 5000 points to become a moderator or a pro-duelist. And after that you could become an administrator, if you can be of any help and if the other administrators allow it.

the rules of gaining points are as follows.

you risk and amount of points from 5-200$.here is how points will go.
slifer beats ra = amount risked+5.
when the ra loses a battle to a slifer,he/she loses the same amount of points risked + 5.(same for ra and obelisk)

if an obelisk blue loses against a slifer he loses 15 extra points,along with the amount risked.the slifer will also gain 15 points.
with a tie duelists lose no $.

post all point dules as a forum in duel arena saying your name and duel arena.

new points rules some of you have gained 500 points as slifer instead of normal 200.well,this is only because if you are almost ra level you will gain 500,not 200.
so the rule is,if a level that is almost the next level up,you gain halve the points needed to advance.for now this will be all.


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Card Name: Rocket Jumper
Number: AST - 15
Type: Rock/Effect
Attribute: Earth
Level: 3
Attack: 1000
Defense: 800
Effect: If the only cards on your opponent's side of the field are Defense Position monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly.

Slifer Top 5



1. kouryu                 500$
1.anxxroy14           500$
1. TheDarkMe            500$
2. Pharasis          200$
2. Lebaneezkid       200$

RA's TOP 5


1. Nidher                          1700$

2. World_Greates_Duelist     1500$

3. popa_andras              1300$

4. DarkMagician              1000$
4.alensabic                      1000$

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